Peli Storm Case: security and robustness beyond all limits
Peli Storm Case have been designed with a focus on functionality and innovative performance. Lightweight and rugged, Peli Storm Cases are the result of years of research and testing in the laboratory and in the field. The patented HPX® plastic resin, is resistant to impact tests at low temperature, patented Press & Pull closing, every feature of these suitcases has been developed to protect your essential equipment. Peli Storm Cases has been designed to meet and exceed the requirements of military testing, proving to defend very well what they contain even if thrown from a helicopter or thrown in the river rapids of Class V. Many have dimensions suitable for transport by air as hand luggage and the exceptional Vortex valve allows the suitcase to not become deformed due to the pressure difference that occurs in flight. If you have sensitive equipment, a Peli Storm Case is the best way to protect them!

Anatomy of a Peli Storm:
  • HPX resin
  • Push & Pull closing
  • Line wheels with ball bearings
  • Vortex Valve
  • Foam cubes
  • Set of padded dividers


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