Peli Case and Suitcases: built to withstand the most varied situations of use

Since 1976, Peli is the producer of most and more durable cases, watertight, dustproof, resistant to chemical materials, available in the market. In fact, Peli invented the category of robust cases (virtually indestructible) to ensure extreme protection of the goods stored in them.
Both Peli Case and Peli Storm Case, offer more than 70 cases shaped to protect sensitive equipment of all sizes and are constantly tested by professionals in the hardest conditions on Earth. They are designed to meet the needs of the military forces and are covered by the legendary lifetime guarantee of Peli (*)
(*) If applicable law


The cases are built to work in industrial plants to protect sensitive equipment, offer solutions to protect weapons, to store and protect photographic equipment, electronic equipment, plastic cases resistant for logistics applications, polypropylene briefcases with wheels to work outdoor, cases for camcorders for teams of journalists or specialists, cases for the transport and logistics to keep valuable equipment safe, etc.


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