Tanica Scepter carburante 3.2gal/12l
  • Tanica Scepter carburante 3.2gal/12l

Fuel tank 25L/6Gal Neptune Scepter

VAT included
Designed specifically for boating this is among the best containers for boaters and lovers of the sea.
Thanks to the experience of the Scepter in the manufacturing of high density polyethylene has got this resistant product, suitable for all types of fuel or blend, practical and durable over the years.

Scepter, a leading global production of professional and military tanks with Neptune series produces a line designed mainly for boating.
Sturdy, durable and practical is perfect for all yachtsmen and shipowners.
Excellent also as emergency tank and for professional use, thanks to the particular shape allows a smooth dispensing without waste.


Robust construction high density polyethylene.
Lightweight, corrosion resistant, with handle designed for easier use.
Break-resistant and resistant to shocks and dents.
Many accessories available separately to customize the dispensing and measuring the content.
Holds up to 25L/6Gal of fuel.
Suitable for all types of fuels and all mixes.
TopSide version, thanks to the particular design not single drop of fuel will be wasted.

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