Scepter Tank MWC 5Gal/20L

VAT included
Tank produced by Scpeter, line MWC (Military WaterCanister); famous throughout the world is standard American and Canadian Army.
The CAP, the spout, and other accessories are injection moulded in low density polyethylene.
Perfect for transporting drinking water, does not transmit flavors odors to liquids.

Produced for use in difficult situations and in every possible operating scenario, this tank is made to transport drinking water without release unpleasant odors and flavors. Extremely durable, is produced by a particular polyethylene which guarantees its quality and durability over the years.
Scepter is a guarantee of quality in the field of professional tanks, and is the first american choice and Canadian special forces.


Produced to maintain the water quality during transport and handling.
Food grade polyethylene; does not add flavors and odors to water delivered.
It doesn't rust.
Tough and durable over the years.
Color: Black

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