SKYDEX Sea Shocks Boat Deck

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Manufacturer: SKYDEX | CategoryEquipment
Dimension: 43.8 x 81.9 x 3.81 cm | Weight: 4,5kg
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Sea Shocks is a carpet cushioning to use when you are in the boat to cushion the vibrations caused by navigation.

Sea Shocks uses patented "twin hemispher" (double hemispheres) of SKYDEX® allowing you to absorb shocks and to absorb vibration, drastically reducing the amount of pain and fatigue felt when you are in the boat. The double hemispheres allow a perfect stability of the body and the side edges are more lenient soft ankles when you are filled with naked allowing a comfortable ride.
They are ideal for boats up to 40m and are designed to handle a wide range of speeds and sea conditions.

Main characteristics:
  • Structured top surface for better grip and durability
  • Weighted base to ensure that products they slide and slip on the bridge
  • Removable insert that allows for easy cleaning
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