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Peli 2365 Flex Neck Black

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Illuminates exactly where you need it with a Peli 2365 Flex neck. Guaranteed quality of assembling by solid aereonatic aluminum and very practice thanks to flexible arm that makes it possible to concentrate the light precisely where you need it. With its 65 lumen of power allows a correct lighting up to 81 meters away. Powered by two batteries, included, has a range of 7 hours of autonomy. Great for those who need to have your hands free for hobby or business.


Useful and flexible flashlight, by Peli 2365 Flex Neck, illuminates exactly where you want, leaving your hands completely free. The powerful beam reaches up to 81 meters away, and makes it a useful tool in many sectors. Watchmakers, mechanics, plumbers, carpenters, and hobbyists will find in this flashlight a useful ally in daily activity. The body in Aeronautic Aluminium ensures reliability and durability.

Body material: Aluminium CNC machined.Length: 55,7 cm. Weight with batteries: 264 gr. Type of lamp: LED.Battery type: AA Number of batteries: 2. Battery included: yes. Bright mode: High intensity.

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