Who We Are And What We Do

Milstorm was created to meet the need for anyone with varied interests and passions (sports, guns, soft air, adventure, hunting, and various technical professionals, etc.), you want to use quality and durable products, exclusively among the best on the market, to optimize if not amplify the activity for which they do use.
The Brands treaties have in common the quality of our products that we sell on this e-commerce, products that give the best performance of use for which they were made: the name and the details of success for the user are easily found on the web (from the official websites of Brands in question or other sources), or directly from those who already own the products sold on this website.

In witness whereof the quality offered is the choice of using these products in the field of Military, Defense and Law Enforcement: in particular for ad hoc construction technologies and sustainable use for which the purchased products were designed.
Milstorm arises also from an experience of well-established and successful sales cooperation with the Armed Forces and Police of our Company "Asia Equipment" (www.asiaequipaggiamenti.it), to give the opportunities to purchase and use of the same technologies of those products also suitable for "civil" (including demanding users), as well as already known and appreciated in the Military and Police environments in Italy and abroad.
After twenty years of experience in senior management roles in large corporations, Arnaldo Ialongo, in 2003, he founded the Asia Society.
Constantly engaged in the defense industry sectors and of the Police Forces, the Arnaldo main business is dedicated to the continuous updating and looking for equipment, special materials, weapons systems and equipment keeps getting better.

The fusion of experience in the commercial field with purely technical suggestions of the operators of the Armed Forces are, today, the maximum guarantees customer satisfaction. The high quality standards of the products offered and the exclusive commercializzazioni of world-class brands are the result of a technical and commercial growth that at the same time, aim to raise more and more the relationship between product quality and the cost of the product offered.

The ASIA srl provider is already under DPR384 / 2001 and DPR170 / 2005 - at the register of major Government and Military Organizations providing products , equipment , special equipment for the Bodies of the Italian State and others

The company is certified ISO 9001 : 2008 NATO distributor N ° CAGE AF517.- authorization has prefectural Art . 28 T.U.L.P.S. and registered with the n ° 00551 the National Register of Companies and Consortiums of Enterprise, distributes , in many cases exclusively for Italy of numerous brands and Brands.

More information at:  link www.asiaequipaggiamenti.it