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Peli 1450 Case
  • Peli 1450 Case
  • Peli 1450 Case

Peli 1450 Case

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The smallest of the medium, large enough to accommodate a massive SLR camera and its objectives, ensures complete security against impacts and water. Military standards (MIL C-4150J, DEF-STAN81-41, STANAG4280) and certified IP67, confirm the qualities of strength and impermebilità.
Hairs, the suitcase indestructible.

Manufacturer: Peli
Category: Medium Protector Cases
Country of origin: US
External dimensions: 40.6 x 33 x 17.4 cm
37.1 x 25.8 x 15.2 cm inner dimensions:
Weight: 2.65 kg
Certifications: IP-67 STANAG 4280, MIL-C-4150H, DEF STAN 81-41

IM2200 Storm ™ Peli of similar size case


Practice, discreet and indestructible Peli 1450 suitable for safe transport of cinematographic or photographic equipment, lenses, weapons or sensitive equipment **. With double waterproofing system, composed of the Equalization valve and gasket can be immersed up to a meter deep for half an hour without any water infiltration.

Peli is the synonym of protection made in USA.


Pins, hinges and screws in stainless steel.
The two double-step latches allow a quick opening and remain closed in the event of shocks and vibrations.
O-ring seal to protect against water and liquids.
Automatic pressure equalization valve, automatically balances the pressure and keeps the water out.
Tainless steel padlock protector keeps burglars away.
Convenient top handle-cast rubber, to transport them with ease.
Three layers of cubed Pick ‘N’ Pluck ™ foam sound absorbing*.
Kit divisori pannello.*
Unconditional guarantee of excellence.
accessory to select during configuration, depending on the choices you make can vary price and delivery time..
** After an inspection of the case Internal dimension

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