Peli Storm IM2950
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  • Peli Storm IM2950
  • Peli Storm IM2950

Peli Storm IM2950

VAT included
This spacious trolley, perfect for carrying expensive equipment and delicate as dolly, medium format cameras, camcorders, Red cam and objectives related**. Everything find place in IM2975, safe in the precutted Peli foam*** protected by a sturdy shell HPX resin™.
With, by your side a Peli Storm IM2975, even in the most dangerous locations, your equipment will be safe from any damage.

Manufacturer: Peli
Category: Peli Storm Cases
Country of origin: US
External dimensions: 79.5 x 51.8 x 39.4 cm
Internal dimensions: 73.6 x 45.7 x 35 cm
Weight: 10.34 kg
Certifications: MIL-STD 810F, FED-STD 101C, ATA 300

Indispensable companion of many directors, videomaker or professional photographers the Storm IM2975, transport any type of digital equipment, keeping it safe from water, corrosive agents, heat, shocks and collisions. Certified MIL-STD 810F,FED-STD 101C, ATA 300 and designed for military use, brings with it the quality of a product designed to be efficient in extreme situations in every working day.

HPX™ resin shell highly impact resistant, property of Peli.
Press & Pull open/closures, remain closed in the event of shocks and stresses.
Handle with double-layer soft feel.
Locking devices moulded-indestructible, allow you to add standard padlocks.
Rounded baffle, disperse the kinetic energy over the entire case and guarantee to keep safe the contents.
Vortex™ valve automatically balances the pressure keeping water out.
Two polyurethane reinforced wheels with stainless steel bearings.
Retractable handle for easy transport over long distances.
Certified MIL-STD-810F, FED-STD-101C, ATA 300.
Eight-piece foam set,to modeled by content*.
Lid Organizer for tools*.
Set padded shoulder strap*.
Padded divider set in ballistic nylon and velcro: fully customizable and modular*.
*Accessory sold separately or selectable during configuration, depending on the choices you make can vary price and delivery.
**After verification of the Interior.
***Accessory to require during configuration.

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