Peli 1654 Case con divisori
  • Peli 1654 Case con divisori
  • Peli 1654 Case con divisori
  • Peli 1654 Case con divisori
  • Peli 1654 Case con divisori

Peli 1654 Case with dividers

VAT included
Spacious rigid trolley Peli, suitable for multiple uses from cinema to industry. Allows safe transport, away from liquids, dust and shock to any digital device fragile is inside. Version equipped with set of internal dividers from the factory.
Resitenti and soft padded ballistic nylon with side Velcro strap ensure complete modularity and possibility of interior customization.

Manufacturer: Peli
Category: Large Protector Cases
Country of Origin: DE
Exterior Dimension: 80,2 x 52 x 31,6 cm
Interior Dimension: 72,5 x 44,5 x 27 cm
Weight: 14.35 kg
Certifications: IP 67, DEF STAN 81-41, STANAG 4280
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Save money on accessories with this version already equipped Peli 1650. The kit included and already mounted, makes the perfect tool trolley if you carry many sensitive equipment without the risk of damage. The dividers are indeed minimum guarantee of safety and prevent involuntary movements that may cause damage to equipment. Thanks to the numerous other technical devices, which are typical of the family Protector, we guarantee total safety and stability of content even for long trips and/or in difficult areas. From the curved pressure equalization, all the details of this case are designed to minimize damage to what it contains.
From Cinema to Industry are countless possible uses for this case. The only certainty that the content will be safe from any inconvenience.


Pins, hinges and screws in stainless steel.
Patented polymer body with open cell honeycomb: guarantees strength and lightness out of the ordinary.
The seven double-step latches allow a quick opening and remain closed in case of shock and vibration.
O-ring seal to protect against water and liquids.
Automatic pressure equalization valve, automatically balances the pressure and keeps the water out.
Stainless steel padlock protector keeps burglars away.
Two convenient handles, one on top and one on the side, moulded rubber, to transport them with eases..
Waterproof, shock proof and dust proof.
Four sturdy polyurethane wheels with stainless steel bearings.
Retractable handle for easy carrying.
Lid organizer Kit *.
Padded divider set.
Unconditional guarantee of excellence Peli.
*accessory to require being configured or available separately, depending on the choices you make can vary price and delivery time