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Peli 2350 Progear» Black

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The smallest of all the LED tactics flashlights, this 2350 Progear, with its clear, ultra bright light beam, can illuminate up to 141 meters away with a maximum autonomy range of 3 hours in low intensity mode. Waterproof and submersible up to 1 m, durable and Guaranteed for life by Peli *

The smallest of the Bengals LED tactics of hairs is a powerhouse with its beam from 5018cd intensity. The Peli 2350 Progear It can illuminate up to 141m away in High intensity mode and provides up to 3 hour of light with low intensity. 10.7 cm long and built in aeronautical aluminium CNC machined; guarantees the water resistance up to a meter deep . Mountable with rings on sleds RAS, the double rear ignition system limits the risk of unintentional. The belt clip increases portability and maneuverability to keep it always with you on every occasion.

Body material: Aluminium CNC machined.
Length: 10,7 cm.
Weight with batteries: 96 gr.
Type of lamp: LED.
Battery type: AA
Number of batteries: 1.
Battery Included: yes.
Light Mode: High intensity ,strobe,low intensity .
Certifications: IPx7.
*Where applicable by local law.

ATTENTION: This Peli is a product for high-performance and professional lighting that can produce a high luminous intensity and heat. Don't let the flashlight unattended when switched on. Do not cover the flashlight when lit. Do not position the lighted flashlight against combustible materials or materials that can be damaged due to heat. Maintain good ventilation when the flashlight is on. If the flashlight is on while it is in a bag or other container, can overheat and cause damage to surrounding materials.
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