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Peli 9410L led Lantern Black

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Professional led lantern, fluid resistant with reclining head. Solid, reliable and powerful, guarantees lights up to 430 meters away and over 10 hours of use. Great for boating, boat owners and professionals of the sea.

Producer: Peli
Light Source: LED
Length: 22.2 cm
Weight: 1,267 kg
Power Light (High): 1131 Lumens
Power Light (Low): 558 Lumens
Battery Range (High): 3h 45min
Battery Range (Low): 10h 30m.
Beam Distance (High): 435m
Beam Distance (Low): 294 m
Light peak intensity (High): 47280 cd
Light peak intensity (Low): 21576 cd
Certifications: IPx4
Battery Included: yes.

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The most powerfu lanterne a led by Peli. With over 47 thousand candles of intensity, can illuminate until about 430 meters away. The light Assembly consisting of 4 powerful LEDs, it is also very fuel-economy and allows a maximum useful life of more than ten hours in the low-power mode.Reclining head orients the light beam directly where it is needed. Everything in just in 1.3 kg.
Very useful for the marine industry professional and not, used by boaters, fishermen and all those who want the security of a powerful flashlight on their sea trip.

Body material: ABS.
Lenght: 22,2 cm.
Weight with batteries: 1267 gr.
Type of lamp: LED.
Battery Type: 18650.
Number of batteries: 6.
Battery Included: yes.
Charger Time: 480 mins.
Charger Battery Indicator: By RGB Levels.
Light Mode: High intensity ,low intensity ,blinking.
Resistant to falls of up to one meter height.
Certifications: IPx4.

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